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Set in 1980s and 90s New York City, Party Monster (2003) tells the true story of Michael Alig (Macaulay Culkin), a small-town boy from Indiana who moved to New York and became arguably the most legendary club-kid party-promote of the era. The film is based on Disco Bloodbath, the autobiographical “novel” James St. James wrote […]

Røyksopp og Jamie Irrepressible – “I Had this”

Jamie Irrepressible performing I Had This Thing with Royksopp live at P3 Gull in Norway last weekend… [caption id=”attachment_5722″ align=”aligncenter” width=”783″ P3 Gull 2014: Røyksopp og Jamie Irrepressible – “I Had this”[/caption

Libra – Sotto Pelle

Libra “Sotto pelle” Under skin is a video by this new italian indie group named Libra Directed by Antonio Filippelli Tells the visceral love of two men. The ghosts, the projections of a failed romance. The moments and moods that last an eternity and remain “under the skin”.

Moving – Kate Bush – Song for Lindsay Kemp

Kate Bush, after seeing an advertisement for Lindsay Kemp’s Flowers spectacle, decided to take mime classes with him. Six months later, she took modern dance classes with Anthony Van Laast.She wrote “Moving” the same year as a tribute to her teacher Kemp. She explained in an interview, “He needed a song written to him. He […]

Rudi Douglas – He Won’t Swim In My Ocean

Rudi Douglas is an Irish singer-songwriter. He is openly gay and has written this ballad after the breakout with his boy-friend, and how they made an unsuccessful attempt to be friends. He has also self produce his first video.

Hercules & Love Affair – “Do You Feel The Same?”

Hercules & Love Affair’s video for their standout single “Do You Feel The Same”, from their third album ‘The Feast of the Broken Heart’, looks like a couture Mad Max. Set in a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape, the video features performances from contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer Josh Johnson. Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler drafted […]

Cash+David – Bones

Cash + David is London-based duo Tim Ross (Cash) and Liz Lawrence (David). In their last video “Bones” bodies move in slo-motion, coming together and falling apart, in dance or battle or possibly in a move to comfort. facebook: twitter: soundcloud: website:

Solaris – Voltaire Twins

Voltaire Twins is a brother/sister-led band from Perth that play pop music on lots of instruments. For naked people in the video ‘Solaris’, YouTube promptly banned it, presumably on account of the odd flash of boob.

Casa Susanna

  A Photographic Archive from the Collection of Robert Swope and Michel Hurst at auction on October 30th. The collection, comprised of 340 photographs never before offered at auction, provides a glimpse into a time and place, revealing a world once forgotten. Casa Susanna, located in Hunter, New York, was a getaway for heterosexual transvestites […]

TANGOWERK – Emergency

Now it becomes fun getting old DIRECTED & WRITTEN BY Daniel Moshel Tangowerk feat. Lulu Schmidt Song: ”Emergency” Music by Nhoah Lyrics by Lulu Schmidt Violin played by Naoki Kita PRODUCED BY Julia Gechter, Daniel Moshel, r.o.t.-records

Nan Goldin I remember your face

Nan Goldin I remember your face Nan Goldin is valid as one of the most important contemporary photographers; her pictures resemble her biography: They provoke, show, excite and shock. The subjects of her photographs are most often sex, drugs and violence and therefore also linked to death. Thereby, she drants a very personal insight into […]

Etnik – “Unclassified” ft. Mykki Blanco

Within a year and after just a few releases, including some of the most acclaimed DJ sets on the planet, Hamburg phenom ETNIK has played himself to the forefront of the global techno scene. Born in 1992, ETNIK is already being dealt internationally as the next wunderkind of German techno. When producing, his ambition is […]