Jay Khan – Nackt Jay walks on a street and is slowly getting naked until her meets a lot people also naked. He joins them and they all start singing. On the way he meets people and situations considered to be “boarder line situations”, usually rejected and looked down by the society: Asian people, gay […]

Wild side

Intro de “Wild side” by Sébastien Lifshitz Antony Hagerty sing I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy

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JbDubs – I Hate My Job JbDubs, also known as James Whiteside, rocks red spike heels, a men’s dress shirt and little else in the clip for his techno-pop song “I Hate My Job.”

welcome to the pink snout

“Now that you have my head who will take yours” by William Vecchietti nuovo disordine mondiale …musica, fotografia, design, arte, video e poi?