At home with themselves

‘At Home with themeselves’ is the photographer Sage Sohier’s intimate portraits of committed gay couples in the 1980s. The Pink Snout is proud to show you some images from this project. We have been very impressed by your project entitled “At home with themselves”. Same sex couple in America 80s, a turbulent period for homosexual community: the […]


Today we are  proud to present  “Art Support Machine” the debut album of a big friend of us :Electrosexual that explores the machine as the supreme vision of the human condition and is focusing on the concept of the identity of the Machines, their gender,sexuality & Soul. The French artist has been around for a while now, […]

Io sono Angelo Nairod

Angelo Nairod is a talented 24 years old photographer, living in Salerno (Italy). He started to take photos when he was 17 and began to be anorexic. Shooting self portraits literally saved him.  This is an excerpt for the exclusive text written in italian for the pink snout. “Today photography makes me more alive, happier […]

Ernesto Tomasini for ThePinkSnout

Ernesto Tomasini exclusive interview for the pink snout  photo by Hector De Gregorio 2012 interview : Ernesto as a young boy…what kind of teenager were you, what did you wear, what kind of music did you listen to and what were your ideals? As a teen-ager I had the very lucky opportunity to live […]