Interview with Tumulto

Tumulto is back with a Remixes EP for his debut single “Concrete Talk”, a collaboration with Rome based DJ and musician Lady Maru.
The EP has been digitally released on the 24th of November through Love Motel Recordings on all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.

Interview with Marianna Papageorgiou

Today we will introduce you a very young friend of us : Marianna Papageorgiou. She is 22years old film-maker from Athens comes from Greece and she is involved in queer culture. She is the writer and the director of a short film called “History of Other Touches” a story of two young men and their […]

Interview with Vilela Valentin

Red and blue are his favorite color: today we want introduce you Vilela Valentin, a young Brazilian illustrator and painter resident in Portugal. By adopting different techniques from oil to watercolor, from acrylic to pencil and gouache and with a style that clearly identifies the homoeroticism and his love for the male beauty, his paintings are identifiable at a glance .

Les Animaux sentimentaux by Cédric Duroux

Today we want to introduce you a book trailer to the novel “Les Animaux sentimentaux”, by Cédric Duroux – éditions Buchet/Chastel, 11 May 2016 / “Qui vive” // The video is shot by Kaz PS, with help from Dan Safer and the music score is  “Where the Wolves are Kind”  (lyrics : Cédric Duroux / Music […]

Intervista con Aloha OE

Today we want introduce you an italian artist that with the tag Aloha Oe has became famous in the street art community for his works queer oriented since 2010. Having studied several years history of art he paints his posters with the aim of showing a queer imaginary that can include gay icons as  Divine,  Frank-N-Furter (The Rocky Horror Picture […]

Interview with Helias Doulis

Helias Doulis is a Greek artist that recently he has published two interesting photographic projects that has fascinated us. Read the interview that we did with him.

Interview with Djinn Bootz

‘Fetish”, is the new single by Djinn Bootz , from its upcoming album Jade. In this interview we talk about his background and his life as a openly black gay male who adorns himself androgynously

Interview with Adey

Adey is a swedish visual artist interested in capturing those little moments of social oppression, isolation, anxiety and depression. His work attempts to highlight the correlation between body and space.

Nakhane Touré: an interview

Nakhane Touré is a south african award-winning musician, singer and songwriter. His musical repertoire spans the melodies of African indigenous sounds and the urban edge of indie rock. We have asked him a few questions regarding his music and his background. Read the interview

Interview with TwoTom

Interview with TwoTom, a japanese artist whose artworks are ​a collections of cards and tarots featuring only boys: Romantic boys, innocent boys, perverted boys, sexy boys, and bad boys.


Naro Pinosa’s Collage

Naro Pinosa is a digital artis who combines in his collages art classics, fashion and sex using a great sense of humour and surrealism, sometimes irreverent, sometimes bordering in soft porno. This is a little conversation that we had with him that explain his imagery. Naro we have very few informations about you, could you […]

Homo Riot Poster Art

Interview with Homo Riot

Read the interview with the street artist HOMO RIOT, an emblem of pride and strength to the gay community across the world​.​ The masked gay bears kiss is became an icon globally.