Tumulto & Lady Maru – Concrete Talk

“Concrete Talk”, Tumulto’s debut single produced by Lady Maru, is a smooth indie pop song leaning on a chill house sound. Imagine late night cocktail parties, chilling after-clubbing or sunny seaside soirées. It’s the kind of track you could hear on LateNightTales or sortlike compilations, where the song’s breezy sound would be perfectly in place. Maru adds layers of steadily pulsing synths which build up slowly, giving a bit of ‘indie’ to the whole. Also lyrically the song pushes it further, talking about ‘black aching hearts’ and being ‘lost in a bubble’.

The video for “Concrete Talk” was written by Tumulto himself, it stars a brilliant Annalisa Martini from NO Movement Collective and international Burlesque performers such as Bana Banana and Cherry Martini. Film director Edwin Brienen supervised the project; he was looking to recreate the feeling of old ‘hitparade’ shows, mixed with a bit of burlesque Fun and city nightlife feeling

The panda face was created by  the make-up artist Maike Oberhoffer. The microphone used in the video belonged to Rammstein, whose singer Till Lindemann threw it (after smashing it on his head) into the audience during a Berlin concert. The jacket was provided by TZUJI the clothing line by Larry Tee.

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Many have seen Tumulto already as the star of Sally Shapiro’s “Starman” video, wherein he played an extravagant queer boy, wandering around Berlin streets with his cute, little dog.
He comes originally from Sicily, where he was born as Riccardo Borgosano.
After finishing the film school in Rome, he created ‘Take the Street’, a photographic art project that invited its spectators ‘to take control of their identity, without fear or shame’.

In 2012, Tumulto moved to Berlin, where he explored the many facets of cultural working life. He started as an editor of international feature films, and continued his DJ career in the Berlin party scene. Tumulto is currently working on his debut album, a record full of dark electronics and extravagant electro pop. Debut single “Concrete Talk” will be included, a song he created together with Rome-based Lady Maru.

Lady Maru started producing tracks in 1994 with an electric guitar, some toy percussions and a Toscam 4-track recorder.
Since then, she has been playing in no wave post-punk bands such as Cascao & Lady Maru and Trouble Vs Glue. Next to her indie adventures, she produces house and techno tracks, published and distributed through many labels world-wide. Maru started her DJ career in Rome, 2003. She’s for playing harder / deeper techno and Underground house.

Surfing underwater
the high is getting low
I’m lost in a bubble full of bones

Easy going laughter
the shadow of a cigarette
my black heart is aching
feels so dead

Fishing on a sidewalk
the worst has gone too far
reflections on the water
northern star

Twisted sounding melodies
they hide and they don’t disappear
the feeling is glooming
nothing’s clear

It’s not a deal
it’s falling down
it’s not so real
it’s concrete talk