Algodón Egipcio – El Ciclo del Agua

We’ d like to present you the last music video directed by our friend Jordi Estrada for  Algodón Egipcio, an artist from Venezuela in the electronic pop with shoegaze and hip-hop elements

The song, “El ciclo del agua” (The cycle of water), seeks to move with its textures and its dynamics, all while relating the biogeochemical process with tears as a source of renewal and purification of the human being.
In the video, two boys in the time of discovery, serving as a window to a friendship that is sometimes tender, sometimes violent. A hedonistic fantasy in its little corner of intimacy, where we explore the idealization of the masculine, the Platonic desire and the sublimating freedom of self-destruction. A search for his individual truth, Protagoras’ principle that “man is the beginning of all things,” which does not necessarily align with Western heteronormativity.