Greed and vanity are driving factors that make us slaves to work and industry. These factors that determine what we find desirable to obtain in life are prefabricated ideas based on our concepts of self and gender. ODD BEHOLDER’s new single COINS establishes economic realities as a product of negotiations in which we have to take part.

In the music video for COINS, gender roles are liquefied – similar to molten metal. While by day the protagonist is a hard labor working man, by night he’s transformed into a woman who performs as a stripper. Simultaneously her dominant superior renounces his power over her as a nightly guest while he gives in to his lust for her. Their ritual blurs the lines between the one who is in power and the one who is in need.

COINS was shot on location in an old foundry factory and a night club around Zurich, Switzerland. The aesthetics of the film are inspired by 70s pornography as well as 90s Arthouse films. The music video was directed by Garrick J Lauterbach and shot by the cinematographer Benjamin Dobó. Odd Beholder contributed the original idea, location scouting and the casting of the lead actors of the film.