Mykki Blanco – “High School Never Ends” (ft. Woodkid)

The video for “High School Never Ends,” the lead single from Mykki Blanco’s as-yet-unannounced new album, is a Shakespearean tragedy of sorts. Directed by Matt Lambert, it tells a non-linear Romeo and Juliet-like tale, replacing “fair Verona” with scenic rural Germany. The video was produced by Iconoclast in collaboration with The FADER and !K7, and it’s debuting above.

The new clip, which was filmed gorgeously by Control cinematographer Martin Ruhe, is a heartbreaking story about outsiders—in this case, queer ones. Similar to stories about forbidden romance, it ends with unspeakable violence. It’s all set against Mikky’s string-heavy new track, which was produced by and features Woodkid.

According to Mykki Blanco and Matt Lambert, the powerful “High School Never Ends” video is also about the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. “It never once overtly comments on orientation or race, but only ideas of ‘us’ and ‘them,'” said Lambert. “I had once thought Europe was my safe haven from American white supremacy, and how wrong I became,” Mykki Blanco added.

mykki blanco high school never ends


Short change that gram, it girl’s and socialites white powder in they hands, getting twisted they hella lifted they asking bout them xans

Trouble making these baby faces I’m blunted with some man

Asking me about Poetry and I wanna leave but I can’t

Body High like a thousand miles up in the sky God damn

He using words I never heard and I’m looking at my friend

He mackin deep and he’s trying to creep on that Black girl wearing Vans

They blasting Nelly & Missy Elliot like High school never ends, like High school never ends like High school never ends, like High school never ends, ….

“Popping pills this Molly heat & They rising on they feet… take some Xans to come down…

Now I’m feeling dead”

UP on this roof, breaking diesel I’m feeling evil rich kids got the best views

The whole city looks so pretty I’m sorry about being rude, Everybody got wet hair cuz they just came from the pool. They kissing but I’m missing out yo homey it’s cool

Getting texts I don’t wanna get and I’m writing back like fuck you. Buzz Killer yo nothings realer I’m so fucking confused. You say that you want love but then go fuck other dudes

Treating me like you don’t need me I guess a nigga old news, so hazy real slim shady I can’t find my shoes, I can’t find my shoes, I can’t find my shoes shit…

Woodkid: ( Why don’t you delete me ?)

You don’t know what my loves about, Fucking with my head let my heart bleed out.