Interview with Djinn Bootz

Hello Djinn Bootz and welcome to the pink snout community. We know that you are a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and actor and an emerging DIY performer who moved his first steps in the entertainment through a Youtube channel. Tell us something about you and your background.
Well hello Pink Snout and thank you for the opportunity to interview for your publication. I remember being around 3 years old and my mother signed me up for a toddler fashion show. As soon as I stepped out onto that platform I knew what I wanted to be for the rest of my life. A performer! I started attaining public recognition in 2009 when I started broadcasting my personality ever so vividly on Youtube and I grew to cherish that outwardly expression and it allowed me to grow a niche fan-base in North Carolina and host over 100 events in the local area. I delivered Music Video homages of original songs produced with my college-mates, posted my college radio shows, and covered popular songs in my own acoustic style. Sometimes remixing them; but nothing impacted people like my rambunctiousness. During this time I also began taking music more seriously and began releasing mixtapes I produced on “Magix Music Maker” (The bootleg version of garage band for Windows (lol). Gosh- those songs got me to America’s Got Talent. After graduation I was at a point in my life where the comedic mold I set for myself on Youtube did not reflect what I wanted to express to the world any longer and I became very reclusive. I took the year (2015) off from all social media to mold my sound and produce high quality Music Videos and sounds that not only reflected how mature I’ve grown, but inspire people with more than just a laugh. “Fetish” is the first extension of my new self. Djinn Bootz.

What inspires your music and who were the first artists that inspired you?
My music is now heavily inspired by my personal experiences in life and love as an In this interview we talk about his background and  his life as a openly black gay male who adorns himself androgynously. I would like to think of my music as the right cocktail of pain, joy, and ambition, topped of with an air of confidence. There are 2 artist that come to mind immediately when I think of my inspirations. Erykah Badu being the first. Her song “Drama” on the Baduizm album pretty much got me through high school. Her fearlessness in terms of style that is reflected in her music gives me goosebumps everytime. The second has to be Missy Elliott. I remember riding in my cousin’s car and he puts “Supa Dupa Fly” on and that was the first time I fell in love with hip hop and the art of rap music. Both of them broke molds both sonically and in aspects of celebrity and I am still inspired by them to this day.

It’s so easy to be categorized and placed into a particular genre but how would you describe your sound and your lyrics to someone who has not heard it before? Have you any recurring themes in your song?
I feel like my music is a melting pot of Neo-Soul, Rap, Jazz, and acoustic music. It combines eclectic sounds in a fashion that can appease the Esperanza Spalding listener as well as the Lady Gaga enthusiast. When I perform, even my hip hop tracks, I prefer to be vulnerable with just me, a piano, and a good ol’ fashion 7themes; prior to my year of nesting my music was HIGHLY influenced by the confidence I fasley portrayed, and the empowerment of other people. I think the new recurring theme would be envious vulnerability.”

How is your music is influenced by your personal experiences?

I think the interpretation of personal experience is what art is in all forms. You can only be inspired by something if you have a feeling generated by personal interaction. With that said, I believe that my music is my personal experience, or the recounts I have of them, and/or a feeling they have generated.

Can you tell me a bit about upcoming album, “Jade” and how it all came together? ? What was the idea behind your latest video for the track “Fetish”?
Wow! Yall dug deep! I didn’t think I released the title yet. “Jade” is the epitamy of myvulnerability, envy, and rage wrapped into sonic vibrations and presented in the form of carefully sculpted musical architecture. It will be released piece by piece this year. Fetish elaborates on my sexual envy and also how I wish I wasn’t treated in my previous love affairs. I discuss how I am simply a “Fetish” to my ex lover’s when I wanted genuine love and affection. Isn’t that what we all want? The video is an overly sexualized version of my longing; and even though I’ve never been tied up, whipped, and wax burned by a candle, I feel my heart has and it is simply due to the fact I am an androgynous individual who doesn’t fit into a categorizable mold. A rare candy if we are talking pokemon. Afterthey level up, they evolve and dissolve you into nothing. (LOL)

Who are you listening to at the moment?
I’m obsessing over “Vertical Horizon” right now! Their song “Everything You Want” in particular. I feel like I have a really good memory attached to this song but I don’t remember what it is. Just the feeling it generates. Rihanna’s “Anti” album. Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” album. Alina Baraz is always in the background of what ever I’m doing. Banks’s Pandora always give me life! But to answer you question in short, VERTICAL HORIZON. (LOL)

What do you get up to when you’re not making music?
Last week I dropped EVERYTHING and relocated to Los Angeles California, to pursue my dream full-time! I wake up to the everyday grind of re-establishing myself in the city that can actually make my dreams come true. I honestly feel like a big fish in the ocean trying to find direction where as back home (Charlotte North Carolina) I was a Big Fish in a fairly small pond. At least that’s how I feel. Wish Me Luck!

Can you describe the type of crowd you love to play to?
All of them! I know that’s a cliché performers response, but it is true! I simply love to perform. It can be like the coffee shop I hit in Atlanta last month, with one person in attendance, or like my farewell concert in front of the entire student body. The feeling is always the same. Ecstacy.

What are you looking forward to this year? You’re playing at a few festivals aren’t you?
I have absolutely NOTHING on the books right now, so I guess I am looking forward to getting booked! LOL; I guess you can say I’m looking forward to getting established in L.A., definitely looking forward to releasing much more musical content, and having fun. I’m the type of person that is really hard on himself in terms of personal goals, so when I finally see them fulfilled I can finally have genuine fun. So I’m looking forward to GENUINE FUN!

How do you resonate with the term queer?
I wouldn’t use the term to describe myself but I feel that it is a term that is needed because it resonates with many of my brothers and sisters. I’m one of those people who prefers to be viewed for who they are, and the content of my spirit and not classified by labels. Even though society may label me, and to be honest if “queer” is the label then I am perfectly fine with that. Just don’t label me a faggot! Then we have a problem boo.

Thanks Djinn for the kind interview. Give a special regard to the pink snout readers
With the love of a thousand mermaids, I say Thank you Pink Snout for the interview and I hope to work with you again. Shout out to all the readers of this publication. YouROCK!” XO – Djinn Bootz

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