Peaches – I Mean Something

Peaches – I Mean Something (featuring Feist) – Official Video From the album: RUB- available now:

Peaches - I Mean Something (featuring Feist)

Directed by ​Silas Howard
Produced by: ​Briana Gonzales
Executive Producer​: Peaches
Editing by​ Amy Von Harrington
Colorist​: AJ Russo and James Russo
Director of Photography/A Cam Operator​: Dagmar Weaver­Madsen
A Cam 1st AC​: Nick Cutway
A Cam 2nd AC​: Alla Koteneva
B Cam Operator​: Chris Mosson
B Cam 1st AC​: Brian Glenn
B Cam 2nd AC​: Arri Bre Bre
Steadicam Operator​: Mike Wilson
DIT​: Kate Steinhebel
1st AD​: Dana Turken
2nd AD​: Alex DeMille
Gaffer​: Zafer Ulkucu
Best Boi Lighting​: Colten Currey
Grip​: Marcus Moreno
Best Boi Grip​: Doug Sampson
Makeup by: ​Ashley Gomila
Makeup Assistant​: Edwin Sandoval
Hair by: ​Irene U.
Hair Styling Assistant​: Nikki FoxPeaches

Production Designer/Set Photographer​, Mara Auster

Production Assistants​, Marcel Alcala, Tristan Scott Thomas, Ariel Brickman, Anthony Sherritt

Featuring Peaches, Lex Vaughn, Margaret Cho, Rita D’Albert, Dottie Lux, Honey DewMee Melons, Alotta Boutté, Ron Athey, Sarah Johnson, WIFE (Jasmine Albuquerque, Leahy Kristen, Nina McNeely), Isabelle Albuquerque, Lindsey Troy, Julie Edwards, Missy Fuego, Heather Acs.
With Legends:​ Kitten Natividad, Satans Angel, Tiffany Carter, Dusty Summers, Shannon Doah

Snatch Power:​The Uhuraverse, Leen Hoe, Gaylord Fiend, Sage, Semi God, llllixie (Mama Killa), Tee Rex (Rated ReXXX), Snatch Power in clothing by Leen Hoe of L.O. Class Art.

Roller Derby:​Rachel Musgrave, Drew Glucksman, Shaggy Bajrami, Lisa Kapasi, Genevieve Berrick, Rachel Blakey

Skaters:​Tara Jepsen, Shannon O’Connor, Ji Hong, Eunice Chang, Kristina Davies, Nicole Dodson, Samantha Sicchia, Marie Young, Clinton Perry, Kevin Baryza, Matt Pugh, Rick Stine, Darren Price, Race Nagel, Austin Nagel, Pat Colombo, Kevin Burke, Paul Urich, Kristi Sanders, Damien Callahan

Grey One Piece by Pam Hogg
Scream SwimSuit byTrash Clothing

SPECIAL THANKS TO:​ Dottie Lux, The Pink Motel, WIFE, Deap Vally, Ron Athey, AJ Russo, James Russo, Vic Crotwell, and Katelynn Rossiter