Aïsha Devi “Mazdâ”

Aïsha Devi “Mazdâ” – Official Music Video High-pitched, candy-coated vocals, shimmering synth lines and heart-thumping bass are stitched over images of near-naked people wearing rubber masks, drooling at each other or munching on the carcass of a raw chicken in this completely off-the-wall music video for Aïsha Devi’s electro masterpiece “Mazdâ”. If the video, which was directed by Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen, makes no sense to you, then that’s because it doesn’t need to. Aïsha wants to banish the idea of a message, and focus instead on the way it makes you feel. With symbols such as third eyes, the shiva symbol, swastikas (a sign that was used universally before it was hijacked by the Nazis) and Sadhu ritualism, the clip is so dripping in reference points that they all eventually bleed into one multi-coloured, iconoclastic creation.

aisha devi mazdà