Electrosexual – The way they make you feel

Electrosexual’s new single “The way they make you feel” is out this week with a remix & dub version by Cole Black (Queer techno producer & dj from Vienna)
and the great synesthetic video by the berlin based Queer movie and music videos (for billie ray martin…) director ‘Ceven Knowles‘  quite hypnotic

By the way Ceven Knowles directed a fantastic artistic porn called Panopticon that will premiere in Berlin on Oct 1st during the Panopticon Party https://www.facebook.com/events/388807997983658/ the music of the movie  is from  Ruby  and Electrosexua will provide the music for the party

Remixes available through: http://ift.tt/1BuPiq3


“Techno comes in many forms, and this Electrosexual cut falls into the lighter end of the spectrum. The way it’s been put together with cosmic melodies and electroo-tinged bass takes us back to the Model500 era – you can imagine Juan Atkins or anyone else from that ilk playing it at a packed Detroit club. It’s made for a particular time of the night (or day), with melodramatic synth stabs and a languid female vocal that’s slightly muffled but emotive enough to take you up into the stars and away from the dancefloor for a fleeting moment. 9/10

Ceven Knowles: http://ift.tt/1V8gTlL

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