My name is Kostis Fokas

Today’s artist is Kostis Fokas from Greece. He’s a photographer and a painter  and divide his time between Athens and London.  We want to show you some photos from his first solo exhibition “I’m not malfunctioning, you are, which took place in London in collaboration with the Queer Archive: a photographic selection of faceless naked bodies evoking his word of erotic surreality.

My name is Kostis Fokas.

I was born in Athens 35 years ago. I was always interested in art since as long as i remember.

My mother is a painter, through time she has captured beautiful female portraits, which inspired me to paint and which later became a key component of my photographic work. With her guidance i paint all my teenage years until i started to acquire my own personal style in painting and art in general, focus on things that draws my interest as a teenager like comics and graffitis ..

Painting helped me to understand the meaning of art from an early age. Is fully connected to how i perceive and operate in my photography work. At the age of 20 a good friend of mine gave me a very old analog camera Praktica. I started photographing directly with passion. I think the reason i so strongly attracted was the realism and immediacy in the pictures in relation with painting. In the way i create photography and painting are perfectly connected.



I started working my personal and first ever project “I”m not malfunctioning ,you are“before two years, in september of 2012. I have long sought a meaning behind this project. However, this was something that was revealed later on in the process, when i gradually started thinking about the driving force that encouraged me to tap into my inner self. I found this very intriguing ,the whole idea of revealing piece by piece parts of my darkest and deepest desires. Besides, that is the reason why i keep on working on this project till this very moment. Despite the spontaneity that seems to exist behind my images ,almost all of them were already captured inside my mind for quite long time..“Through my photos and this project I wish to present a new take on the human body and explore its infinite capabilities. The use of quirky, and sometimes hidden faces communicates exactly that. Unlike photography that seeks to reveal the feelings of the objects portrayed through the use of faces and expressions, I shift my focus on the complete freedom pertained to the image of a human body. Stripped from its clothes, I leave it fully exposed and completely surrendered.”

IGlitch Art has inspired me as well in the way i created my photo collection for my project “I’m not malfunctioning, you are“. Long fascinated with imperfection in a world that is seemingly always desperate for order,allows my models to interact freely in bizarre ways,capturing moments of beauty in the ludicrous poses and situations that form.I create an alternate universe where my everyday objects become curious props and subjects shrouded by strange disguises in my rainbow of colors .My world is somewhere between reality and fantasy and What is hidden is as important as what you see.’

Recently Kostis has participated in the Occupy Atopos residency project and exhibition two months ago in Greece-Athens. His photographs, often taking the form of a personal diary, have been described as ‘a human sculpture testimony’ and as a ‘landscape where the paradox meets the ordinary’. Fokas uses his models as toys in a provocative and humorous manner, giving them the freedom to participate in the whole creative process. He often adds several tools and props, such as masks, sex toys or cheap cameras in his imagery, seeking to capture the moment, to encapsulate his subject between reality and fantasy.

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