Nils Bech Trip Abroad

A swirl of naked bodies and flawless skin in this Nils Bech’s video”Trip Abroad”  directed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Gro Elise Rødland
James Main
Nils Bech
Silas Kjølmoen Henriksen


Cinematography Cecilie Semec

Wardrobe Michael Nybråten
Make Up Tina Solberg Torstad
Focus puller Lars Helgeland
DIT and Camera assistant Espen Henriksen
Postproduction by Morteza Vaseghi and Sement & Betong
Filmed at White Light Studios Oslo 2014

“Trip Aproad” Produced and arranged by Julian Skar. Co-produced og co-arranged by Martin Horntveth. Co-produced by Nils Bech. Programming by Martin Horntveth. Mixed by Nick Terry, mastered by Chris Sansom

℗ 2014 Nils Bech under license to Fysisk Format. “Trip Abroad” © – Copyright Control – Tono/NCB.
Video © Benjamin Alexander Huseby 2014, licensed exclusively to Nils Bech