Correr (Running)

A naked man appears running along a pathway. This video is a celebration of the beauty of the male nude body as it runs in absolute freedom, in a natural and wild environment. The body movements are a powerful stimulus for the spectator to experience aesthetic pleasure and sensuality.
Screened at:
– 8th Porn Film Festival 2013. Berlin.
– 21st Mix Brasil Film Festival de Cultura da Diversidade 2013. Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro.
– 1st Shortyweek. Festival internacional de cortometrajes. El Puerto de Santa María. (Spain).
– 1st Festival Cinedeporte of Oaxaca (Mexico). 2014.
– 11th Vienna Independent Shorts. Vienna. 2014
– Leeds Queer Film Festival. Leeds. 2014
– “Man Exposed” Exhibition. Mondo Galería. Madrid. 2014
– 4th Luststreifen- Queer Cinema Basel. (Switzerland). 2014
– 27th New York Queer Experimental Film Festival. New York. 2014

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