Otto; or, Up with dead People

Otto; or, Up with dead People by Bruce LaBruce “ a melancholy zombie movie with political overtones that seeks to extend and elaborate the emerging zombie mythology.

otto or up with dead people
A modern fable about the loneliness, emptiness, and alienation that results from rampant consumerism and materialism under advanced capitalism, “Otto; or, Up with Dead People┝ presents as its central character Otto, a young man who may or may not be a zombie, depending on your point of view. Otto is first seen walking down a deserted stretch of highway, not knowing exactly where he came from or where he’s going.
He is dressed as a kind of neo-Goth dandy, but his clothes look and smell like they are rotting on his body. After hitching a ride with a clueless elderly couple that drops him off in the city, it quickly becomes apparent that there is something distinctly odd about Otto. He seems to be homeless, taking refuge in an abandoned amusement park, and he never sleeps. He also has an eating disorder: he has an aversion to consuming human flesh. He’s a zombie with an identity crisis. He does, however, seem to have to eat some sort of flesh to survive, so he resorts to road kill and small parkland creatures like squirrels and pigeons to satiate his desire to consume.

otto bruce labruce

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