Othon feat. Marc Almond – Cobra Coral

A Visual Invocation by Predrag Pajdic

Cobra Coral, found on ‘Pineal’, is a song that calls for the native Indian Caboclo (entity) Tupinambá and the coral snake that taught him the mysteries and secrets of the forest.
Snakes have often been associated with the sky, like with the Hopi people’s ‘snake dance’ celebrating the union of the Sky spirit with the Underworld spirit and there is also the feathered snake of native American tribes, known as the Skysnake. The snake is also associated with the sea, rain and thunderstorms, as the zigzag meandering lines of the serpent symbolize the movement of the water.

Filmed in Bahia, Brazil

Directed by: Predrag Pajdic

Director of Photography: Lois Froud
Edited by Predrag Pajdic and Sebastian Collins
Post Production: Dr Sharkey of www.strip.fm

Special thanks to: Lee Adams, Alexandra Baldeh Loras, Edika Gruenenfelder, Darius Meibodi, Noah, Chris Plumb, Richard Perrott, Raghini, Marianne Soisalo, Eliana Stefani & Gabriel Toso

Cobra Coral is from Othon’s new album ‘Pineal’
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