The drums – Magic Mountains

The Drums, composed of gay duo Johnny Pierce and Jacob Graham, are back with a new video dedicated to legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. Magic Mountain is taken from new album ‘Encyclopedia’, released on 22nd September

Johnny Pierce said in an interview:

When I was growing up, I was just living my life and I wasn’t fighting for any causes or anything like that. After receiving messages like I just talked about, I guess I just realized that you can be a role model whether you want to be or not. I guess I do consider Jacob and I role models for these kids.

For us it’s not about being loud and proud; it’s about just being yourself. I think a lot of people, when they first came out and said they were gay, they thought they had to go out and buy sparkly clothing and wear make-up and do their hair really funny or something. And they’d try it for a week and they would just give up ‘cause they couldn’t do it. For me, I don’t think it’s important to be proud of being gay. Just as I don’t think it’s important to be proud to be straight. I think we should all just love each other and be ourselves.


So, I feel like, me just being myself and being in this band, that’s as role model-y as I’m going to get. But it seems to be pretty effective. Because people are looking for somebody who isn’t wearing rainbow flags; just somebody who can just be in a band. It’s a new day and age. I don’t think we need to celebrate being gay; we just have to celebrate being human beings.



garagiu Author