Just Married – Paul Vecchiali for Sicilia Queer filmfest 2014

Il trailer della quarta edizione del Sicilia Queer filmfest || festival internazionale di cinema glbt e nuove visioni (Palermo, 5 — 11 giugno 2014) realizzato da Paul Vecchiali e interpretato da Astrid Adverbe e Pascal Cervo.

Festival Internazionale di Cinema GLBT e Nuove Visioni / June 5-11, 2014 / International LGBT Film Festival and New Visions /

a selection of short films in competition for the fourth edition of the International Queer Short  the official program here

HAZELby Tamer Ruggli

An obsessive mother, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A father, carefully blotted out from all the family photos and a dreadful child-psychiatrist with unconventional methods – This is the summary of young Hazel’s life, secretly attracted to boys…Visit for more informations.


EL CARRO AZULby Valerie Heine

His grandmother´s death brings Hansel from San Francisco back to Cuba to take care of his brother Marcos. The two brothers have grown apart. With the help of an old family game Hansel attempts to restore his brother’s trust that has been lost over the years.



Fliehkraftby Benjamin Teske
To finally gain her father’s acceptance Leonie, a transsexual, decides to return dressed as a man to the world of her childhood: the funfair. Their relationship doesn’t seem to get any better and the only way they can connect is through long and embarrassing silences or cries of rage. All of Leonie’s efforts seem to be ignored by his father who keeps heartlessly misjudging him. However, the old owner of the ghost train has something to hide as well.


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