stereogamous & Shaun J Wright “SWEAT”

Filmed and Directed by Campbell Drummond for C&C Film Factory
Animation & Video Remix by Jeremy Stewart for Still and Moving

Filmed on location at Voguey Bear, Tokyo Sing Song, Sydney Australia
Featuring Shaun J Wright and introducing Matt Format and friends

‘Stereogamous are Jonny Seymour & Paul Mac. They team with Chicago’s Shaun J Wright for “Sweat” — the newest single from TRIBAL. Steeped in classic House and perfectly at home on the classic label, “Sweat” will leave you drenched.’

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“There have been two remix sets of this so far, the first featuring the original mix and The Carry Nation’s 9:13 work out, which builds up something like a live band jamming in an empty rehearsal space. That’s the one. The second package released in April is, in a word, superb: Doc Sleep with a stripped-to-the-subfloor 303 mix, Suspect with a deep but clubby sort of 6 minute symphony for the kids and Cucarachas with maybe the most intense mix of the bunch. For a third, forthcoming package, Aerea Negrot delivers yet another 303-heavy remix (that TR-8 sure is getting around) and Steffan Lindberg pushes the tempo for the most hectic edit.’
Reviewer Rating: 7.5/10 (Review by Terry Matthew, 5Chicago)


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