No Bra aka Susanne Oberbeck, is both a recording and performance artist. Not least because she wears her hair as a bra but because she’s so underground she’s practically subterranean. She chants her monosyballic mantras to repetitive, rhythmic bass flaunting her bad-taste obscenities that could easily rival the 1972 exploitation film and transgressive black comedy, Pink Flamingo. (The one where the protagonist drag-queen eats dog-shit).

New No Bra video leaked from the upcoming album, featuring Juliana Huxtable and Adam Radakovich (House of Ladosha), Tigga Calore, Cole Mohr, Contessa Stuto, Honor Titus, Leigh Mason,  Nigel Zesus, and Melissa Burns.
Directed by Alan del Rio Ortiz.
Music written and produced by Susanne Oberbeck


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