Alexander Geist – A Woman’s Right to Choose

Did you fall in love   with Alexander Geist last year whit his hit single “Bad Language”?

Watch the new boy-hero of pop’s video “A Woman’s Right to Choose”

Shot by Imogen Heath and 1st AD Liz Rosenfeld of NowMomentNow in Berlin in October, it features a whole cast of beauties, including actress and cult icon, Dieter Rita Scholl. Models, mothers, drag queens, porn queens, show girls, babies and bunnies all come together as in a fever dream and guide our hero into transfeminist underworld.

Riffing off Marcel Proust’s musings on dreams, the awful Bowie/Dietrich movie “Just a Gigolo” and  Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”, “A Woman’s Right to Choose” is probably the only song this year to drop a Virginia Woolf quote as a middle eight.

Alexander Geist - A Woman's Right to Choose

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