Patrick Wolf – The Libertine

In 2012, Patrick Wolf released a record unprecedented in commemoration of his 10-year career in the title and Sundark Riverlight. Now, further elucidating the this release, the musician releases a new video for the track The Libertine, which had already gained an official release in 2005 as part of the album Wind In The Wires.

Taking advantage of the controversial news that Vladimir Putin passed a specific law that prohibits any kind of “homosexual propaganda” in Russia, Patrick pokes with your audiovisual project, with inscriptions in Russian language by the video, and content and pseudo-gay torture Aboriginal references.

Patrick Wolf – The Libertine – 2013 – (Sun☽ark and Riverlight)
“The Libertine” is the first single from English singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf’s second full-length album Wind in the Wires.
Dir. Matt Lambert / Prod: Jannis Birsner @ Stink, Berlin
Styling/Art Direction: David Motta
Storyboard/Concept : Patrick Wolf + Matt Lambert

patrick wolf libertine

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