It ain’t necessarily so

Bronski Beat – It ain’t necessarily so
It was the third single released amid controversybefore Christmas 1984: a revival of “It Ain’t Necessarily So”, the George and Ira Gershwin classic (from Porgy and Bess). The song questions the authenticity of biblical tales; the song is a metaphor for African-Americans questioning slavery, Jim Crow and oppression in the USA as the natural order of things. It also reached the UK Top 20.
The controversy ┬ámay have centred around the lyric “David was small but, oh my!” highlighted on record sleeves in some editions of the album. The band’s focus on that lyric permits the song to accept the questioning of heterosexuality as part of the natural order of things. As Bronski Beat was openly gay and sex-positive, some listeners might have taken the reference as an allusion to sexual prowess in spite of size, thus turning an iconic biblical figure into a viable object of (gay) sexual fantasy

Bronski Beat - It ain't necessarily so

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