Hard Ton – Not Again

The biggest disco queen of the XXI Century

HARD TON are the italian duo with a larger than life disco sound and a surprising love of metal. Fused together in 2008 from the musical loins of DJ Wawashi and heavy metal singer Max, Hard Ton met online through a site for hirsute loving – though very quickly it became clear their relationship was to be based on a mutual love of music. Finally meeting in person at a party in 2009, over some cherry wine and musings of future hopes and dreams, they solidifie result in a slap across the face for the present. Using analogue and vintage gear, from the 303, 606, 707, Oberheim DMX, Korg Monopoly, MS20, Prophet 5, the music is as organic as synthetic music can be, their equipment living and dying by its own unpredictable rules.

garagiu Author