http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMpmedi_pH4&w=700&h=394 Gay couple, lovers, friends? The meaning of the video is open. There is no denying, however, the power of this clip, long version for one of the flagship titles of the musical group that makes a lot of attention right now ..
http://fauvecorp.com/ ≠ FAWN is an open group. A CORP. Members are bound by FAUVE a shared understanding of life and people. FAWN fuck fucked human relationships, defeated defeatism, hates hate and shame of shame. FAWN adheres steadfastly to the belief that love can win the bet in this bizarre world. FAWN is hopelessly optimistic. FAWN started in 2010, the issues of a common and urgent need to empty the overflow with the least possible stress songwriting. hence the French, where the text, where the spoken word. FAWN is an open door day and night, a shoulder and an ear. FAWN it wants. And if it is tomorrow we will be many ≠

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