Bootz Durango- “Misdemeanor”

After viewing Missy Elliott’s “Behind The Music” on VH1, I was incredibly inspired by her artistry. She is an iconic revolutionary artist who I aim to not only pay homage to but to impress. I thought to myself, Missy Elliott broke molds and barriers in the industry and if it is anyone I should reach out to and will understand what I am trying to bring “the game” it would be her. So, I reached out to the most passionate people I knew to help me develop an original song and music video. Enjoy!

Directed and Editted By: Matt Hayes
Produced By: JDP Productions
Beat By: B. Ames
Choreography By: Carlos Rand

Dancers: Carlos Rand, Billi Baker, De’Raymes Harris & DeVontee’ Tanner

Graphic Designers: Stephen Rountree & Bernardo Cordero

Special Thanks: Rachel Chick, Keyzii Barringer & Kelly Morrisettte

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garagiu Author