In their room

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In Their Room is about gay men, bedrooms, sex and intimacy. The film veers into the bedrooms of eight
different men where you see them doing everything from the most banal to the most erotic. Complimenting
the revealing nature of their everyday activities are confessional interviews about fantasies, turn ons and
vulnerabilities. You never leave their bedrooms, but this is unmistakably San Francisco of the present.

The film was featured to great praise in Butt Magazine, and later won “best erotic film” at Good Vibration’s Indie Erotic Film competition.

Travis Mathews is an award-winning filmmaker whose movies focus on gay men and intimacy. Informed with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a background in documentary, Travis takes a thoughtful and naturalistic approach to filmmaking while maintaining a sense of humor about it all.

In 2009 Travis started an ongoing documentary series called In Their Room about gay men and bedrooms. The first of several episodes was filmed in San Francisco, followed by Berlin in 2010. Subsequent episodes will be filmed in cities around the world, the next of which is London. During the making of the series Travis wrote his first feature screenplay, I Want Your Love, inspired by the small real-life narratives he was encountering with the men he was filming.

garagiu Author