Erotic Stained Glass by IKO Diego Tolomelli

Forthcoming Exhibitions LE MUSÉE DE L’EROTISME: PARIS November 2012 – May 2013There are few stained glass artists that deal with erotic stained glass, but Diego Tolomelli is unique both in terms of his technical expertise and his passion for pushing stained glass art on to new audiences. Like many contemporary artists he is interested in the themes of subversion and eroticism and has brought inspiration to his art from Pierre et Gilles, Gilbert and George, Edward Burns-Jones, Harry Clarke and a host of unknown, medieval craftsmen.

He learned his craft working with one of the most prestigious stained glass studios in England, John Hardman Studios, an opportunity he landed after being spotted making stained glass in Portobello market. With John Hardman studios Diego worked on some spectacular commissions including: Houses of Parliament Millenium Window, commission for actress Elizabeth Taylor and Saint Rose Cathedral in Tokyo. In 2007 he returned to Italy to warm up and dry out from the British climate. In Italy he worked for a well known studio, that was sadly in decline, so in 2008 he decided to bite the bullet and go it alone.

Stained glass is no longer limited to religious iconry and heraldry, now the human form, in its sensual and erotic glory, illuminates and inspires just as stained glass has always done.
Unusual, hand-made and beautifully crafted stained glass with an erotic theme.
Using traditional techniques and with the finest glass, lead, stains, enamels and specialist paints, Diego has been making erotic themed stained glass windows, light-boxes, wall-lights, screens, internal-doors, sky-lights, garden lights since 2005.
Diego makes both small and large erotic stained glass; from light-catchers that can be hung in a window, to larger commissions for nightclubs, saunas and places where eros resides.
Erotic stained glass art that can be heterosexual art, gay and lesbian art or queer art. It can be playful; it can be subversive; it can be pornographic; but it is never dull.
When I stopped working for other people, and whilst I was waiting to win some commissions I began experimenting a lot more. I was politically active with Rome’s Queer movement and I began to include themes of sexuality, gender and eroticism in my work. I also began experimenting with hyper-realism and new painting techniques.– Diego Tolomelli

La mostra è una personale di 13 opere e ben 16 pannelli di vetro, sarà inaugurata il 15 Novembre al Museo d’Arte Erotica di Parigi dove rimarrà per 6 mesi

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