The theater group ‘BlooLips’. With excerpts from their musical , ‘Get Hur’ The Bloolips were a troupe of anarchic gender bending actors, performing hilarious spoofs on sexuality and society. They were outrageously camp, appearing on stage in costumes that had audiences screaming with laughter, usually made of recycled junk.
They were subversive, warm and fuzzy at the same time. They were mostly gay men, but appealed to all sexes, genders, and orientations. Each performer brought his own unique style and charm to the work. (Nothing planned. I just followed the group around for a few evenings and a few shows.)

Bloolips is: Bette Bourne, Alex Harding, Paul Shaw (Precious Pearl), Ray Dobbins, writer, Lavinia Co-op, David Kavanagh, Ivan, Gretal Feather, Regina FongBella Borgia Dizzy Danny

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