A male public toilet on a remote beach: leaning against the wall is a gorgeous young man, who looks like a cowboy in an old cigarette ad. An Asian man appears. He’s doing the beat. He sees CowBoy, and smiles a shy smile — that man is way beyond his reach — but wait, he’s waiving him inside, he’s going in. Asian Man follows him inside, and is now standing at the urinal, trying to peek at his fantasy-man’s thingy, slowly moving towards him, extending an arm — is it his lucky night, or what?


Honeypot has been accepted into the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, 2011, Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2011 and the San Gio Verona Video Festival 2011.

Executive Producer: Nghi Huynh

Producers: Julien Leyre and Pui Ying Joy Chung

Director/Writer: Julien Leyre

Director of Photography: Pui Ying Joy Chung

Choreography: Flic Manning

Composer: Liam McRae

Costume and Set: Naomi Wong

Lighting: Mitch Fournial

Make-up: Jamila Gastar

Cast: Matthew Keating and Nicholas Teoh

garagiu Author