Gender Obsolescence

Obsolescenza del Genere – Installazione Umana #1
Gender Obsolescence – Human Installation #1
by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
(International Art prize – Venezia, Italy)
International Festivals:
IDKEX, Columbus (Ohio) – USA 2008
chosen among the 30 best gender exploration performances in the world
Werkstaddt der Kulturen – Germany 2008
Gender Obsolescence
The solemn ritual presents variety of genders and describes FtM (Female to Male) transition.
The naked body and the I. The mask and the stereotype.
It’s a gynandroid performance where the transition process is intermingled with poetry.
Sex is represented as skin, female, male. Gender is represented in the sense of self, of man, and of woman. A journey, a crossing, a transition. Naked bodies lined up slowly coming closer. Each individual has a story. They are holding hands. Changing sex is painful like birth. The golden masks on their faces are not to hide their identities: In fact as they come closer it is possible to distinguish their genders: a biological man, a trans man, a trans woman, a biological woman. From the bottom of the stage, a female creature unfolds from behind a black towel and goes to stand behind them: she walks across touching the bodies, one after the other. The pain is tiring, the flesh a substance to be shaped. The solemn rite of dressing up – in trousers, jacket and tie: it’s the return to the opposite. For a transsexual changing sex is not becoming a man but a return to being a man. There is no need to wear the masks anymore: the self is revealed.