Madame E – Mirco Magnani+Ernesto Tomasini

Madame E. is a musical setting of Georges Bataille’s “Madame Edwarda”, a short novel that interlaces themes of eroticism, religiosity and death, and was written under the pseudonym Pierre Angelique in 1941, during the occupation of Paris. Composer Mirco Magnani wrote eleven electronic pieces and presented them to actor/singer Ernesto Tomasini who turned them into […]

FAKA – From a Distance

FAKA is a South African performance art duo dealing with issues of the black queer body.


Today we are happy to present you the artist Fabian Chairez , a new discovery of the pink snout , Mexican talented artist and performer . We love him very much! FABIAN CHAIREZ   photo: Annick Donkers … and performer     facebook page: tumblr:   Next exhibition May 30 / July 5 “El […]

Bas Kosters “permanent state of confusion”

Bas Kosters “permanent state of confusion” Teaser Video by Alex Kaseta Music by Starstudded studios Many Thanks to: Marc Deurloo Bugaboo Make up Studio Classic Ink&Mods Colorfool agency Bas Kosters (Zutphen, June 5 1977) is a Dutch fashion designer, known for his colourful designs and the use of prints. “Bas Kosters Studio was established in […]


JARDIN CRISIS La réalité n’existe pas, ce n’est qu’une manipulation de votre cerveau. “Le collectif CRISIS vous invite à une expérience performative exceptionnelle ou l’hallucination ne pourra laisser place qu’à la béatitude. Une réalité exacerbée jusqu’à la question de l’existence… Promenez-vous dans le jardin CRISIS, touchez, écoutez, sentez: votre vision vous joue-t-elle des tours? Êtes-vous […]

The Hidden Men

4 men. 4 ropes to the sky. A legendary piece – not just – about the “men’s world”. Beyond being a beautiful work about the masculine body (why is it almost never shown the way female body is?) and the use of space and falls as tools of a choreographic expression, the piece is an […]

Pop Mutation // CRISIS

CRISIS is a collective of performers consists of twenty multidisciplinary artists using various media to express themselves. From sculpture to dance through pure performance, CRISIS is active in contemporary art gallery in the mysteries of clubbing in the French capital.

Hercules & Love Affair – “Do You Feel The Same?”

Hercules & Love Affair’s video for their standout single “Do You Feel The Same”, from their third album ‘The Feast of the Broken Heart’, looks like a couture Mad Max. Set in a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape, the video features performances from contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer Josh Johnson. Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler drafted […]

Taylor Mac – Walk

A short film/music video of Taylor Mac and his song “Fear Itself”. Performed and written by Taylor Mac Filmed, directed, edited by Matthew Snead Film co-conceived by Taylor Mac and Matthew Snead Taylor Mac is a playwright, actor, singer-songwriter, and sometime director and producer. TimeOut New York has called him, “One of the most exciting […]

The Cockettes

The Cockettes, an equal-opportunity theater group comprised of women, men and children, performed in drag at San Francisco’s Palace Theater in the late ’60s and ’70s. But their high-flying act failed to soar in the pressure tank of New York’s theater scene. David Weissman and Bill Weber’s documentary traces the ascent and subsequent descent of […]


boychild is an emerging performance and make-up artist currently residing in LA and soon to be based in NYC.  A new sort of ”wildness” in pop culture that subverts and transforms ideas of gender, race and sexuality Performance: Boychild Director & Cinematographer: Luke Gilford Music: Physical Therapy follow the pink snout on Facebook , Twitter and Google+


MISS FISH is a performance artist inspired by punk rock, electronic music, puppet theater, dark german movies, the beauty of the ocean and the infinity of the mind ..

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