Hervè Guibert – images

Hervé Guibert (14 December 1955 – 27 December 1991) was a French writer and photographer. The author of numerous novels and autobiographical studies, he played a considerable role in changing French public attitudes to AIDS. He was a close friend of Michel Foucault. Guibert was born in Saint-Cloud, Hauts-de-Seine, to a middle-class family and spent […]

Interview with Adey

Adey is a swedish visual artist interested in capturing those little moments of social oppression, isolation, anxiety and depression. His work attempts to highlight the correlation between body and space.

Peaches – Rub – Uncensored version

From the album RUB RUB CREDITS: Directed by: Peaches, A.L. Steiner, and Lex Vaughn Produced by: Briana Gonzales Executive Producer: Peaches Director of Photography: Moira Morel Assistant Director, Devon Kirkpatrick Art Direction and Editing: Amy Von Harrington Colorist: Candice Williamson 1st AC: Loie Russel­Templeton 2nd AC: Kate Johnson DIT: Kate Steinhebel Gaffer: Sarah E Fox […]

Alexander Kargaltsev’s Polaroids

Alexander Kargaltsev is printing a new book with  98 polaroids Cameras are almost a thing of the past thanks to gadgets. Sixty years ago, without computers, photographs could not be made without great preparation and time. Point and shoot was not so easy. Photography could be a hit and miss operation, at least for the […]

Aïsha Devi “Mazdâ”

Aïsha Devi “Mazdâ” If the video makes no sense to you, then that’s because it doesn’t need to. Aïsha wants to banish the idea of a message

We’re born naked the rest is drag

“We’re born naked the rest is drag”: five people explore their identities and define themselves through clothes and makeup. They perform in the urban context because that’s the space where their sexual identities were created. Now they’re reinventing themselves. The spaces were chosen carefully: Gran Via, the biggest shopping street and Chueca, Madrid gay neighborhood. […]

intervista con azt

Today we are proud to introduce you another thePinkSnout’s friend: azt. He is a gay, HIV+, italian artist that lives and works in Bologna. His interest for photography made him first develop the most narrative aspects of the medium. From 2007 he dedicates almost exclusively to portray naked men with the many male nudes series. He […]

My name is Kostis Fokas

Today’s artist is Kostis Fokas from Greece. He’s a photographer and a painter  and divide his time between Athens and London.  We want to show you some photos from his first solo exhibition “I’m not malfunctioning, you are“, which took place in London in collaboration with the Queer Archive: a photographic selection of faceless naked bodies evoking his […]


Camera & direction: Slava Mogutin Makeup, sound, editing: Brian Kenny Sets & props: Brian Kenny & Josh Lee Styling: Jason Farrer Starring Antino Angyl Crowley, Demetrius Payne & Zaquan Champ SUPERM for TVTOR, 2014 slavamogutin.com/nachteiland tvtormagazine.com  

The Hidden Men

4 men. 4 ropes to the sky. A legendary piece – not just – about the “men’s world”. Beyond being a beautiful work about the masculine body (why is it almost never shown the way female body is?) and the use of space and falls as tools of a choreographic expression, the piece is an […]

Nils Bech Trip Abroad

A swirl of naked bodies and flawless skin in this Nils Bech’s video”Trip Abroad”  directed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby Starring Gro Elise Rødland James Main Nils Bech Silas Kjølmoen Henriksen Cinematography Cecilie Semec Wardrobe Michael Nybråten Make Up Tina Solberg Torstad Focus puller Lars Helgeland DIT and Camera assistant Espen Henriksen Postproduction by Morteza Vaseghi and […]

Baby Alpaca – Sea of dreams

1313Sea of Dreams (Turboito Remix) An abstracted landscape of volcanic clouds forms the backdrop to Baby Alpaca’s video for Turbotito’s euphoric remix of their track “Sea of Dreams”. Directed by the band’s New York-based painter-filmmaker-frontman Chris Kittrell, the work captures the balletic Benji Staker dancing on Whidbey Island in Washington. babyalpa.ca/ Directed by Chris Kittrell […]

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