Electrosexual turned on by Hard Ton – I’m Your Machine

Electrosexual videotaped by Hard Ton – I’m Your Machine I’m Your Machine is the new-acidfunk single out of Electrosexual’s forthcoming album ‘Art Support Remix’ (May 2016/Rock Machine Records) in collaboration with Hard Ton on vocals and TB303. The three already teamed in 2010 when Hard Ton remixed Electrosexual’s Break You Nice For artwork fans, the […]

Electrosexual – The way they make you feel

Electrosexual’s new single “The way they make you feel” is out this week with a remix & dub version by Cole Black (Queer techno producer & dj from Vienna) https://electrosexual.bandcamp.com/album/the-way-they-make-you-feel and the great synesthetic video by the berlin based Queer movie and music videos (for billie ray martin…) director ‘Ceven Knowles‘  quite hypnotic By the […]

Electrosexual – Silver soul

Black and white video for the new single ‘Silver Soul Remixes’ by our friend Electrosexual released July 1st via ✦ Rock Machine Records ✦ you can catch Electrosexual performing at the following events: 17 July Djset @ Tokyo, Japan 19 July Live @ Tokyo, Japan 7 August Live @ S036, Berlin 8 August Djset @ […]

Electrosexual – Automatic People

Electrosexual – Automatic People Feat. Hanin Elias This time, the french amylnitrateTechno producer is teaming with the iconic vocalist Hanin Elias (of the band Fantôme and former founding member of Atari teenage Riot) It is a synthesizer-assisted and melodically charged affair The single, released via Electrosexual’s ‘Rock Machine Records’ imprint, received the remix treatment by […]


Today we are  proud to present  “Art Support Machine” the debut album of a big friend of us :Electrosexual that explores the machine as the supreme vision of the human condition and is focusing on the concept of the identity of the Machines, their gender,sexuality & Soul. The French artist has been around for a while now, […]


“Tempelhof” by Electrosexual from the single “Tempelhof” a big friend of us and of the pink snout! Download from iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/Tempelhof-Itunes Video by Make It from Scratch Directed by Guillaume Julien Edited by Anna Santelli Actors: René Carton, Franck Boss, Dimitri Viau Tracklist Single: http://www.discogs.com/Electrosexual-… 1 Electrosexual – Tempelhof (Album Version) 2 Electrosexual – Tempelhof (David […]


Lay my eye is the first song to announce Electrosexual’s first full length album: «Art Support Machine» that will be released on March 1st 2014. Lay my eye has a synthesized and sensual energy with an ominous feel, foreboding a sense of impending danger. Christine Rho, who directed the video, explains: «The video explores the […]

Paris is burning – Discolition

Electrosexual – Discolition This video is an hommage to the cast of the documentary: Paris Is Burning. Paris Is Burning is a 1990 documentary film directed by Jennie Livingston. Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the African American, Latino, gay and transgender communities involved in it. […]


DEMOLITION – ELECTROSEXUAL Electrosexual stays faithful to an underground queer vision of the French House , mingling his influences of early synth based music, gender questionings and new wave sounds. Demolition completes Electrosexual’s trilogy started earlier this year with the releases of Devolution & Discolition. Electrosexual recently produced remixes for Steve Morell (DE) ,Equitant (USA) […]

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