Pop Mutation // CRISIS

CRISIS is a collective of performers consists of twenty multidisciplinary artists using various media to express themselves. From sculpture to dance through pure performance, CRISIS is active in contemporary art gallery in the mysteries of clubbing in the French capital. https://plus.google.com/118412705941096257389

Hercules & Love Affair – “Do You Feel The Same?”

Hercules & Love Affair’s video for their standout single “Do You Feel The Same”, from their third album ‘The Feast of the Broken Heart’, looks like a couture Mad Max. Set in a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape, the video features performances from contemporary ballet dancer and choreographer Josh Johnson. Hercules & Love Affair’s Andy Butler drafted […]

Dënver – Los Bikers

Dënver – Los Bikers + Segundas Destrezas Music video by Dënver performing Los Bikers and Segundas Destrezas The video, full of homoerotic imagery and corporal movements engaging a mixture of innocence and sadomasochism,  has been directed by Milton one of this chilean duo and was recorded at Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago with dancers from Ballet de […]

Primal Matter – Dimitris Papaioannou

Primal Matter from Dimitris Papaioannou on Vimeo.First images of Primal Matter out to promote the upcoming performances in Thessaloniki. Exact dates, location and ticket sales will be announced in the begining of September Primal Matter Πρώτη Ύλη(2012) Σύλληψη – Σκηνοθεσία – Σκηνικά – Κοστούμια – Φωτισμός: Δημήτρης ΠαπαϊωάννουConcept – Direction – Set, Costumes and Lighting […]

Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev photographed by Richard Avedon Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev (17 March 1938 – 6 January 1993) was a ballet dancer, one of the most celebrated of the 20th century. Nureyev’s artistic skills explored expressive areas of the dance, providing a new role to the male ballet dancer who once served only as support to the women. more […]

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