Nina Hagen Smack Jack

“Smack Jack” is a single released in 1982 by Nina Hagen. The lyrics deal with heroin addiction, and are delivered in a disturbing voice with several overdubs. An accompanying music video was released, depicting Nina in drag singing the verses in a psychedelic environment, accompanied by two other Ninas who sing the chorus.


boychild is an emerging performance and make-up artist currently residing in LA and soon to be based in NYC.  A new sort of ”wildness” in pop culture that subverts and transforms ideas of gender, race and sexuality Performance: Boychild Director & Cinematographer: Luke Gilford Music: Physical Therapy follow the pink snout on Facebook , Twitter and Google+

Ai Weiwei – Dumbass Music video for Dumbass by Ai Weiwei. Song by Ai Weiwei with music by Zuoxiao Zuzhou. Cinematography by Christopher Doyle. © 2013 Ai Weiwei. From the forthcoming album, The Divine Comedy, everywhere June 22, 2013. Download Single + Video: Dumbass (Explicit Lyrics) When you’re ready to strike, he mumbles about non-violence. When you pinch […]

Io sono Angelo Nairod

Angelo Nairod is a talented 24 years old photographer, living in Salerno (Italy). He started to take photos when he was 17 and began to be anorexic. Shooting self portraits literally saved him.  This is an excerpt for the exclusive text written in italian for the pink snout. “Today photography makes me more alive, happier […]


I’m Not Comfortable In Comfortable Clothes: AYMERIC BERGADA DU CADET Uncomfortable in comfortable clothes, Aymeric’s style pays homage not to common convenience but to 19th-century kings, such as Ludwig of Bavaria, and 20th-century heroines, like Marlene Dietrich. As the Parisian stylist and artist announces, “You can aspire to be whoever you want to be.” Find […]

Cicciolina, Amore Mio

Ilona Staller (born 26 November 1951), widely known by her stage name, Cicciolina, is a Hungarian-born Italian porn star, politician, and singer. Staller continued to make hardcore pornographic films while a member of parliament. She is famous for delivering political speeches with one breast exposed. Watch this footage from the 1979 Italian film, “Cicciolina, Amore […]


MISS FISH is a performance artist inspired by punk rock, electronic music, puppet theater, dark german movies, the beauty of the ocean and the infinity of the mind ..

Elizabeth’s Last Dance by Lindsay Kemp

This is the theatrical trailer for Elizabeth’s Last Dance, filmed in Tokyo 2009 for the forthcoming documentary Lindsay Kemp’s ‘Last Dance by Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky. Website: Facebook Group: Lindsay Kemp (born 3 May 1938) is a British dancer, actor, teacher, mime artist and choreographer

Antony feat. Tilda

Antony and the Johnsons – Kissing NoOne with images of Tilda Swinton


The beautifully subtle “Personas’ shot film for GQ Italia ‘s October Issue is work of directors Marco Adamo Graziosi & Maria Host-Ivessich captured with styling from fashion editor Andrea Porro and grooming from Guja Rigattieri, Nico Doniele Scegiel at HM Battaglia. Stars of the video are Andrey Zacharov, Casey Taylor, Corey Baptiste, Chris Moore, Dominik […]

Taylor Mac – Make

Taylor Mac gets ready for a show in this short film by Matthew Snead. Assembling hi striking persona before a show, Taylor Mac eyes the mirror as his masterly hands get to work. With sequins and finery in place, he breaks the silence for a vocal warm-up and then exits, leaving any reflections by the […]

Self Obliteration – Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama: Self Obliteration Japan’s Polka-Dot Pioneer on a Life at the Mercy of Her Art. A film by Martín Rietti Read the full story on

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