Matteo Basilè – Apparitions

  Matteo Basile’ – Marlene (2006) Apparitions – Trailer from Matteo Basilé on Vimeo. Matteo BasiléTitle: Apparitions Director: Victor Ibanez, Matteo Basilé Year: 2007 Place: Rome Production:Matteo Basilé Length: 00:05:28


photo: Francesco Paolo Catalano photo: Alessandro Di Giugno Oltre le strategie di quella certa “fusione” di un immaginario sociale, per narrare tutte le identità. Oltre quelle maschere e travestimenti per affermare le proprie scelte personali. Oltre quella stereotipizzazione dell’omosessualità, verso invece una dimensione dell’amore poliformo. Oltre quella cultura, oltre quei vincoli religiosi, politici, sociali che puntano il dito […]

Gilbert & George

Extract from South Bank Show documentary on the British artists Gilbert & George. Here they talk about the idea of everyday actions such as walking, drinking and singing being performance.


MACADAMIA NUT BRITTLE – ricci/forte ricci/forte MACADAMIA NUT BRITTLE una produzione ricci/forte in collaborazione con Garofano Verde Festival_Benvenuti con Anna Gualdo, Fabio Gomiero, Andrea Pizzalis, Giuseppe Sartori movimenti Marco Angelilli video Simone Felici

Amour, acide et noix

Daniel Léveillé Danse – Amour, acide et noix Part of Dance Umbrella 2010. The rigour of Léveillé’s choppy and precise choreography references human imperfection but also attests to the skill and athleticism of the accomplished dancers. At times comical and playful, at others austere yet poignant, the music is equally unpredictable. Exploring our solitude and […]

we love the pandorian Images: Stand We Share BreathFeaturing Nuno and Luis Mateus @ Elite Lisbon forWrong WeatherPhotography and Styling: © Predrag PajdicStyling Assistants: Cristina Miguel & Nathan HanfordLocation: Palacio de Cristal Porto, Portugal, 1 March 2012

Les Amours

“Les Amours” V-Rag Video Editorial from Robert-John on Vimeo. The Video Editorial from “Les Amours” a photo shoot for V-Rag Magazine, Vancouver Canada’s Gay Arts & Culture Rag for the February Issue. A film by Robert-John Styling by Michael Venus Models Fabricio, Jason, Todd, Mat and Darren

Kiss and Blow Job

  Andy Wharol Kiss and Blow Job Self-Portrait in DragSelf-Portrait in Drag, 1982

Mojo Wan

 artworks by MojoWan He is   is a prolific Chinese designer, with lots of delicate, border-line erotic artworks in his portfolio.

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