Moving – Kate Bush – Song for Lindsay Kemp

Kate Bush, after seeing an advertisement for Lindsay Kemp’s Flowers spectacle, decided to take mime classes with him. Six months later, she took modern dance classes with Anthony Van Laast.She wrote “Moving” the same year as a tribute to her teacher Kemp. She explained in an interview, “He needed a song written to him. He opened up my eyes to the meanings of movement. He makes you feel so good. If you’ve got two left feet it’s ‘you dance like an angel darling.’ He fills people up, you’re an empty glass and glug, glug, glug, he’s filled you with champagne.” “Moving” was only released in Japan as a single on 6 February 1978 with “Wuthering Heights” as the B-side in order to promote The Kick Inside.

Lindsay Kemp Moving

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