Today we are  proud to present  “Art Support Machine” the debut album of a big friend of us :Electrosexual that explores the machine as the supreme vision of the human condition and is focusing on the concept of the identity of the Machines, their gender,sexuality & Soul.

The French artist has been around for a while now, first debuting on Rock Machine Records with a single featuring Peaches. Now, following 2013’s Lay My Eye, and remixes for Billie Ray Martin & Aerea Negrot (to be released in September), Romain Frequency, the man behind Electrosexual is returning withArt Support Machine, which a press release describes as a mixture of retrofuturistic analogue electronics and kaleidoscopic synths , but… with the snappiness and intricate production values needed for contemporary debauchery.” It goes onto say that the album draws influence from ’80s synth pop, Techno and ’90s trance, and, in keeping with the vocal direction of recent records, only 4 tracks are instrumental on the whole LP.

Art Support Machine’s release is preceded by the single Tempelhof, along with a remix version that features contribution from David Carretta, supported by Laurent Garnier, Acid Washed, The Hacker, Slam… which you can stream below.

Automatic People, this summer release features vocals by Atari Teenage Riot’s ex front Lady Hanin Elias and is beeing remixed by Millimetric.

For Artwork fans the Album and Singles (Lay My EyeTempelhof & Automatic People) record sleeve were designed by Philip Marshall who has designed the recent Frankie Goes To Hollywood & Propaganda re issues and the screen print was created by Lukas Julius Keijser


Art Support Machine will come out on July 15th as a special limited edition vinyl picture disc.

And now an exclusive interview for the pink snout

ThePinkSnout Who is Electrosexual? We only know that is a french boy that live in Berlin.
Speak about your experiences and when you decided to become a musician

ELECTROSEXUAL: I am Romain Frequency, born in Paris, and raised in Toulouse. In 2002 i moved for a year to Montreal, Canada where i bought my first synth and started to create music compulsively with a very basic set up.
For me there was a missing link between the old 80’s synthi bands i loved and the modern Techno and electroclash that was still big at that time. So i started to make my own kind of music.
I adore the creative process of making music, starting from scratch, because it is like making magic, and i love when the trick works!

TPS: your album is about Machines, their identity, gender,sexuality & Soul. let’s talk about this

E: For my first album, it was obvious for me to talk about Machines, as i am fascinated about the mythology surrounding music & Machines. I guess it is a quite a courageous move as a lot has been well said & done around that theme, let’s think of Kraftwerk & Daft Punk for the most popular.
But i am bringing my stone to the edifice, with my own opinions, because no one really considered the identity of the machine independently from the Human. You know machines have feelings too.

The album opens with The soul of the Machine and finishes with The dream of the Machine.

TPS: you live in Berlin. Tell us about the queer life and scene here.
E: There is a strong queer community in Berlin, that i cherish really much.
it is creative, attractive and careful. i am very grateful to be part of it.
Sometimes I realize people are a bit spoiled, complaining about this and that, wanting to be more alternative than the alternative, but once again i’d like everyone to be grateful for the freedom we experience. it is definitely not the case in every part of this World.

TPS. Why Electrosexual is a pink snout friend?
E: Ahhh Pink Snout has been supporting my music for quite some time now, this feedback is fantastic.
Making music is about translating emotions and sharing them, so beeing heard when you have something to say is the perfect dynamic. Thank You.
in the end it’s all about frequencies.

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Electrosexual Art Support Machine


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